GPS Tracking

Conducting cheating spouse monitoring in Missouri or any other surveillance in Missouri sometimes calls for more than just following a motor vehicle. Occasionally, digital GPS trackers are used to track motor vehicles. Usually, a GPS tracking device is placed on the outside of the vehicle. Our detectives attach the GPS locator in a secure area and leave the area. We are then ready to track the vehicle using a computer and/or other electronic methods. Our investigator firm either rents of sells a GPS monitoring to the client. It is sometimes more economical to rent a GPS tracker. In other cases, it may benefit the client to buy a GPS tracker outright. Keep in mind, a GPS tracking system is only used as a tool within any investigation. It might reveal where a car is located; however, it does not confirm what the person driving the car is up to. This will likely call for a physical surveillance and video of the subject. We have witnessed many times, especially throughout a “cheating spouse” type case, when the subject actually changes vehicles. If you do not have a private investigator following, you will never know that they changed cars and you will be misled into thinking that the person was parked in a single location. When hiring any private investigator, keep the above in mind. If you have any questions, be sure to call our office and talk with one of our detectives.

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