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Missouri Detective and Security Services is an accredited, Missouri private investigation firm, specializing in all things requiring qualified private investigations in St. Louis Missouri. We work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Our highly trained private investigators are experts in all areas of investigation, surveillance, background checks, and much more for your individual or business needs.

The gear we use to assist us in conducting our private investigations is truly state of the art. From our digital video cameras to our motor vehicle monitoring system, you will appreciate that our firm has a massive advantage over others.

Throughout the years, Missouri Detective and Security Services has built a sound reputation among our clients. We exhibit professionalism and knowledge while handling a variety of cases. We hire only highly trained detectives, most of whom have acquired university diplomas ranging from Criminal Justice to Finance. Missouri Detective and Security Services offer all of our services with the highest degree of discretion and in an expeditious manner.

Regardless if you are a person requiring our professional services for a domestic issue, a lawyer seeking info for a client, or a large company trying to reduce losses, our private investigators are here to be of assistance round the clock, seven days a week.

We Provide Proof

Private Investigator Surveillance & Undercover Investigation

Surveillance private investigators at Missouri Detective and Security Services have got substantial experience working with law firms and organizations in surveillance investigator services which include employee surveillance, workman’s comp surveillance, personal injury surveillance, theft surveillance, undercover investigations and more in the St. Louis area.

Workman’s Comp and Personal Injury Surveillance

There will always be a number of people who attempt to take advantage of the system for personal gain. They understand the details of the workman’s comp system and exploit the areas that are in their best interest. The thing that makes matters even worse is the way information gets shared and the situation perpetuates a lot more. Missouri Detective and Security Services offer the unique workman’s comp service with highly skilled investigators which have the experience and knowledge for what people today attempt to do. We’ll collect the evidence you need to know if they are honest with their claim…or not, and obtain video recording to prove it if not.

Employee Surveillance

Whenever you suspect a worker(s) of theft, unlawful activities, or inappropriate relationships we work to obtain the proof or evidence by utilizing various employee surveillance tactics. Our specialized service offers experienced investigators that have the in-depth experience to know where to look and how to proceed every step of the way to ensure protection of the organization.

Undercover Investigations

Undercover investigations by our private investigators can provide worker monitoring operations for the workplace where fraud, sexual harassment, embezzlement, and drug use might be present. If you suspect wrongdoing by a worker or contractor, our company of private investigators are knowledgeable and highly trained to blend in with the company culture, policies, procedures and workforce in an effort to uncover evidence to confirm or disprove the claim that will hold up in the courtroom. We work with local law enforcement to ensure proper enforcement of local, federal and state laws and ordinances. Our agency utilizes a variety of private undercover investigation strategies which include:

  • Witness interviews
  • High power observing devices
  • Drug discernment
  • Pc and Internet operation monitoring
  • And other electronic equipment

Routine undercover investigations is often utilized to gauge the healthiness of the organization and also to ensure a strong comprehension of activities in key sectors of the corporation.This can safeguard the company’s intellectual property while protecting against stealing, fraudulence, and stalking. Our private investigators can also assist when breach of non-compete is a possibility as well as litigation assistance for your corporate team.

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Hire a Full-Time Professional Who Earns His Living as a Private Detective
Do not wait for the part-time private investigators to call you back once they get off work from their day job. Rely on a private investigator that makes private investigation his full time occupation.

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Are There So-Called Private Investigators That Will Charge You Less?

 Absolutely. Although, they are aware of what they’re really worth.

We are not high priced. We bill at an average amount of the majority of professionals in the industry.

If you locate a private investigator that will charge much less for his or her professional services, you need to ask, why? Could it be because they do not attend yearly conferences to keep honing their abilities? Could it be because they do not have the gear to do the job effectively (such as night vision cameras, body cameras to use in restaurants and bars)? Is it because they don’t possess the experience to make the judgment calls necessary?

Do they know what they’re worth?

If they are happy to bill you less, are you throwing away the money you do pay them for substandard results?

We get the information you need

Even in today’s world of information overload, it is tougher than ever to find crucial, reliable, as well as timely information when difficult situations arise.

At Missouri Detective and Security Services, our private investigators take great pride in aiding you using the most up-to-date technical research and investigative techniques available. We carry nearly 3 decades of solid working experience providing comprehensive, reliable, as well as complete investigative reports with uncompromising discretion.

Isn’t Missouri a No-Fault State?

Yes. Yet sometimes, like me, you just need to find the real truth for peace of mind.

Particularly, for those who have children, you need to know this big decision you have to make is definitely the correct decision and you aren’t just, as your spouse might have you think, imagining the whole thing.

In the courtroom, with all due respect, the judge can do whatever he/she thinks is right in terms of custody or disproportionate distribution of the marital assets.

Missouri Detective and Security Services

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